Perfect Menu for Mobile Apps – Nick Babich

Menus are so important that you can find them in every site or app you encounter, but not all menus are created equally. Too often we face problems with menus — part of menus are confusing, difficult to manipulate, or simply hard to find. Continue reading


Users’ Advocate: Is our Technical Content UX? Yes! – Neal Kaplan

The user experience is greater than the sum of those parts: your customers judge your product on the entire customer journey. This means that “traditional” documentation needs to fit seamlessly into the customer-facing content produced by your company: marketing material, sales brochures, training programs, and the product’s user interface. We rarely know at which point in their journey a buyer will want to access technical content, so we can’t presume that our docs will only be read after the purchase. Continue reading

Rethinking Mobile Tutorials: Which Patterns Really Work? – Theresa Neil

“When you’re a designer who’s been working on a project for a year or two, it’s very easy to think things are intuitive or obvious that are actually totally incomprehensible.” Continue reading


Incorporating Student Voices with Participatory Design – Lisa Nielsen

Students and teachers spend their days subjected to policies, guidelines, and mandates that they rarely have any say in. Why is that? If we develop policies, guidelines, programs, even buildings with rather than for students and teachers, the result can be a success for all. Continue reading


Misused Mobile UX Patterns – Zoltan Kollin

Getting used to adapting best practices might make you believe that Google / Facebook / Instagram / [your favorite app here] is always right, their design goals are the same as yours and you fail to question them. Here are a few patterns that are (or used to be) considered best practices and yet might not be as good as you’d think at first sight.

Continue reading