Users’ Advocate: Is our Technical Content UX? Yes! – Neal Kaplan

The user experience is greater than the sum of those parts: your customers judge your product on the entire customer journey. This means that “traditional” documentation needs to fit seamlessly into the customer-facing content produced by your company: marketing material, sales brochures, training programs, and the product’s user interface. We rarely know at which point in their journey a buyer will want to access technical content, so we can’t presume that our docs will only be read after the purchase. Continue reading


Quality in Structured Writing – Mark Baker

When I talk to programmers about what I do, they often ask me why structured writing is important any more. Machines are getting so good at reading human language, they argue, that semantic markup to assist the machine is increasingly becoming pointless. But structured writing is not about assisting the machine. It is about enlisting the machine to assist the writer. And where the writer need assistance most of all is with quality. Continue reading