Eight Tips for More Effective eLearning: Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory – Bill Brandon

Social learning” is about more than using social media to support collaboration and learning. It goes beyond how people use Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other media, to consider how your organizational learning strategy can leverage the technology infrastructure to support behavioral change. Continue reading


Learned Helplessness and Halo 5 – Jamie Madigan

Games that revel in their difficulty like Super Meat Boy, Trials Evolution, and Spelunky can create the same sense of helplessness in the face of failure. Yet some people persist. They continue to bang their heads against the games until they get good or beat a level or get an S-rank. It’s like something clicks in their head and they refuse to accept that they can’t succeed eventually. Or maybe it’s that something doesn’t click. Continue reading


How to Safely Connect Six-Year-Olds to the World – Vicki Davis

Six-year-olds can blog. Continue reading


How Blended Learning is Spreading Across Vietnam – Michael B. Horn

I saw signs that it could become a model for blended learning in Vietnam in the near future, and this prediction appears to have come true. I was struck by the school’s commitment to blended learning and how the new instructional approach created time for students to apply their learning in a variety of creative and meaningful projects in the community. Continue reading


The 7 Devices of Transformation in Education – Vicki Davis

I’m struck by just how fast time goes.

Kid-ship comes with an expiration date that seems to be ending earlier and earlier.  Time is short, and we can’t waste kids.

When you waste time in school, you waste opportunities. Time is precious because children are precious. Continue reading


Revolutionizing the Teaching of 21st-Century Skills: The Power of the Video Game – Rob Furman

These computer skills are rather basic and at this point could not be characterized as revolutionizing 21st century skill development, but what I experienced in New York was truly amazing. Continue reading