Five Things about Efficacy that Should Be Intuitive but Are Not – Patricia Gomes

Demonstrating impact… requires a clear sense of what the expected learning outcome is and if the measures used are really showing improvements. “When you find that something is either effective or ineffective, you often have to ask on what measure and if that measure is the one we really care about,” he says. Continue reading


The 7 Devices of Transformation in Education – Vicki Davis

I’m struck by just how fast time goes.

Kid-ship comes with an expiration date that seems to be ending earlier and earlier.  Time is short, and we can’t waste kids.

When you waste time in school, you waste opportunities. Time is precious because children are precious. Continue reading

Visual Thinking In eLearning: What eLearning Professionals Should Know – Christopher Pappas

One of the most significant benefits of visual thinking in eLearning is that it can simplify more complicated or involved processes and ideas. Rather than trying to explain the relationship between two concepts, for example, you can create a chart that compares and contrasts them for the learner. Continue reading


Let’s Learn About Learning – Sande Chen

We can’t even agree on the proper terminology to talk about games in education.  No one likes the term edutainment and yet, journalists still continue to use the word […] There are subtle distinctions but it still adds to the confusing pot of what is educational games.
Continue reading