How to Save Time and Money with Modular Design – Joe Toscano

On a good development team, code is created to be handed off. Developers use best practice techniques, such as Block, Element, Modifier (BEM) syntax, to create clean, maintainable code that can easily be handed off and taken over. While there’s no denying you still have to play with the code to truly understand it, the learning curve isn’t nearly as steep because the person who created the code had you in mind while developing it. Continue reading


Visual Thinking In eLearning: What eLearning Professionals Should Know – Christopher Pappas

One of the most significant benefits of visual thinking in eLearning is that it can simplify more complicated or involved processes and ideas. Rather than trying to explain the relationship between two concepts, for example, you can create a chart that compares and contrasts them for the learner. Continue reading

Misused Mobile UX Patterns – Zoltan Kollin

Getting used to adapting best practices might make you believe that Google / Facebook / Instagram / [your favorite app here] is always right, their design goals are the same as yours and you fail to question them. Here are a few patterns that are (or used to be) considered best practices and yet might not be as good as you’d think at first sight.

Continue reading


How I Work with Color – Justin Mezzell

I’ve taken some of what I learned there and tried to repurpose some of those techniques in the illustrative world to capture narrative tones and to define unique color palettes that work as an ensemble. Continue reading