Young Children May Benefit from Playing Video Games – Alexandru Micu

Researchers found a positive association between the amount of time spent playing video games and children’s health as well as their cognitive and social aptitudes.

A new study has been published that indicates that children who play video games habitually may have higher-functioning social and cognitive skills than those who don’t. This, of course, goes against stereotypes of gamers being isolated or having reduced social skills.

I have to wonder if the difference has anything to do with the growing acceptance of video games as a common pursuit and/or a respected art. This could be a direct or indirect influence. Indirectly, if video games become more common place, those who play them are not exposed to negative interactions from their peers and are able to bond over shared interests with them. Directly, the games themselves could be helping children by forcing them to practice social and cognitive abilities to perform well.

It’s not conclusive, by any means, but I think more similar findings are inevitable. I do and have always believed that games can be good.

Young Children May Benefit from Playing Video Games – Alexandru Micu

Image by Chris_Parfitt (Attribution 2.0)

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