Misused Mobile UX Patterns – Zoltan Kollin

Getting used to adapting best practices might make you believe that Google / Facebook / Instagram / [your favorite app here] is always right, their design goals are the same as yours and you fail to question them. Here are a few patterns that are (or used to be) considered best practices and yet might not be as good as you’d think at first sight.

Kollin challenges readers to re-examine the interface elements that are considered “givens” in mobile apps. Things like the hamburger-menu button, the tutorial overlay, icons customized for their function… You see them everywhere, but does prevalence equate to good design? Maybe not, is Kollin’s premise.

There are certain UI elements we have come to rely on in our activities. How much sense do they make to our students? Are they the right elements for the job?

 Misused Mobile UX Patterns – Zoltan Kollin

Image by Startup Vitamins

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